Tuesday, October 13, 2020

It’s just another typical day at home for me with the kids back to school after a long weekend. The mercury has taken a noted dip the last few days, and the sight of frost this morning made me well aware of what lies ahead! ❄️☃️

I decided to go for a casual, yet elevated look when compiling today’s outfit. I’m just wearing black jeans and a white t-shirt, topped off with one of my favorite second-hand finds. This bouclĂ© jacket by @smythebrand is from their 2013 collection. Although it is 7 years old, I think it looks relevant, modern and fabulous. I also think it has a bit of a Chanel vibe going on. I see this particular jacket on the second-hand market quite often, so it is still widely available. I mentioned this particular piece in Chapter 5 of my book “Elevate Your Personal Style” when discussing my winter wardrobe plan. I imagine pairing it with black dress pants or over a black dress during the holidays for a festive touch.

It received a thumbs up from my very critical 14-year-old son this morning. On the way to school he noted that a close-up view of the fabric revealed many interesting details – such as a hint of silver thread. He’s not usually this generous with his assessments of my outfits so this is a good sign!

I just wanted to share another example of elevating your everyday looks with something special that was purchased second-hand and deeply discounted.


  1. This morning I discovered your blog, via your book on Amazon. I like your style and attitude; thank you. Many years ago, before you were born, I lived in Shubenacadie for a couple of years. My first stop from England on my way to the USA :-)

    1. Hi Sheila! Thank you for stopping by my blog. That is so interesting that you lived in Shubenacadie! It is such a beautiful spot in Nova Scotia. Thank you for reading my book (: