Sunday, October 18, 2020

I’m assuming many of you out there binge watched “Emily in Paris”. I did a controlled version of binge watching in order to stretch the entertainment out for several days. 10 episodes/ 2 = 5 evenings of escapism. That’s just a little glimpse into how my accountant’s mind operates in life!

I found it to be fun bubble-gum entertainment and watched it mainly for the swoon-worthy scenes of Paris. I definitely crave tucking myself into a little corner of a quaint cafĂ©, or getting lost along a cobblestone street. That being said, I’m also quite happy with my current surroundings, and am trying to soak up the natural beauty on my doorstep instead of constantly dreaming of exciting and exotic locations. My life as “Jennifer in Nova Scotia” is as far away from “Emily in Paris” as one could imagine! With travel on the backburner for quite some time, this fall/winter I’m really going to focus on what my current environment has to offer. These days it is crisp and colorful hikes in the woods with Coco that I am enjoying the most. What have you been up to in your neck of the woods that feels ordinary but also extraordinary? ✨

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