Friday, October 28, 2022

My new book, “Blissful Christmas” is now available in both Kindle and paperback. For some reason, the two different versions are not linked on Amazon, so you have to search for them separately depending on what you are looking for. If you click on the link in my profile, it will direct you to the two different versions.

Here’s the description from Amazon to give you an idea of what this new little gem is all about.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with the holiday season? Do you look forward to the festive, cozy, and magical atmosphere of Christmas, while simultaneously dreading the added stress, spending and work that often accompany the holidays?

“Blissful Christmas” is here to give you a holiday pep talk and serve as a voice of calm amongst the holiday chaos. It will guide you to reflect, dream, plan and prioritize how you want your holiday season to unfold.

Take control of your holiday reins and glide through the Christmas season feeling well rested, in control, within budget, happy and relaxed!

Chapters include:

1. Visualize a Blissful Holiday

2. Capture Your Vision

3. Plan Your Holiday Route

4. Wind Down

5. Putter and Declutter

6. Clear the Calendar

7. Pencil Yourself In

8. Craft a Budget

9. Think Outside the Gift Box

10. Shop Until you Drop...Not!

11. Make With Love...Or Don't!

12. Cut the Deck of Cards

13. Simplify Gift Wrapping

14. Go Easy on the Decorating

15. Decorate Au Naturel

16. Live Vicariously

17. Downsize the Tree

18. Create Ambiance Without Clutter

19. Call Off the Bake-Off

20. Simplify the Holiday Grocery Haul

21. Cut Back on Mealtime Madness

22. Celebrate in Style

23. Prioritize Holiday Self-Care

24. Indulge with Intention

25. Escape

26. Drop the Hallmark Expectations

27. Wrap Up and Reflect

28. Embrace the Quiet of January