Friday, October 9, 2020

If you have read either of my books, you know that I am a CPA in Canada (@cpa.canada) . I worked for a multi-national firm before I left the accounting industry fourteen years ago to raise my children. I always thought that once my children were raised, I would return to a financial career in some form. I guess I have chosen to venture in another direction! That being said, lately I have been thinking about how the skills I learned as an accountant have helped me reach my goal of becoming a self-published author. Having strong attention to detail is something that certainly came in handy when editing (my husband, also an accountant, helped with this task). I also think my time in the accounting industry helped me develop strong communication skills and the ability to take on and complete a large project. I can’t deny, it also gave me some good comical content for my books! 😂🧮

Is anyone else doing something today that feels like the polar opposite of what they originally planned and studied for? I’d love to hear your stories of discovering a new path in life!

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