Thursday, October 8, 2020

Today is a typical day at home for me. I got my workout in and the kids off to school. I’m going to spend the morning doing a bit of writing and work on my computer. I’ve also got a pumpkin pie to make for this weekend’s 🇨🇦Thanksgiving dinner (I make a frozen vegan version so I can do this well in advance of the event.) I will leave the house at 1:45pm to pick up the kids from school (the day is so short!). Once we are home, my time will be spent packing tomorrow’s lunches, prepping supper and helping with homework. I’m basically not going out in public! (or at least when I do, I am not getting out of the car).

It’s so easy to get in a rut with your dressing when you live an “at home” life or don’t have any special plans. In the first chapter of my book, “Elevate Your Personal Style”, I talk about the importance of adopting a movie star mindset! You are the leading lady of your own show, so why not show up as the best version of yourself each and every day?

Last night before bed I was perusing Pinterest for inspiration and pinned the second image of Clémence Poésy to my style board. It served as inspiration for my own movie star outfit today.

On this typical day at home, I reached for this dreamy Isabel Marant blouse. This is the one I discuss in chapter 6 of my book that I got for a steal on Poshmark! It’s no harder to reach for this blouse than a plain t-shirt. Sure, it is delicate, and I will have to handwash it after a few wears, but what am I saving it for? Our clothes are meant to be worn and enjoyed today! Your movie-start self deserves to look and feel her best! 

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