Friday, July 2, 2021

Apparently over 90% of woman are not happy with their bodies. That's a huge number!⁣

As an “everyday woman”, I'm not going to pretend to have all the answers around body image. I get into more detail on this subject in my book. For most of my life I hated my legs. Because they are so muscular, I always felt like I looked out of balance. I"m short and small on top, so my legs made it even more challenging to feel feminine. At some point, I switched gears on this thinking. I have since decided they are one of my greatest assets, and I dress in ways that highlight them.⁣

I love running, cycling and lifting weights – all activities that build strong, thick calves! I’m never going to have the long willowy legs of a model- it’s just not my build. The truth is, I’m lucky to have this muscle mass and it will serve me well as I age.⁣

What's your greatest asset?⁣

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