Monday, June 28, 2021

I always revisit my makeup and skincare routines with the change of the season. I’m pretty simple when it comes this area, and my collection of products is quite minimal.⁣

Summer means it’s time to pull out the bronzer and switch out my lip color to something more pink than red. I also usually need to switch my foundation to something a little more “golden”. This photo is pretty much my entire makeup collection. I have two other eyeshadow palettes and some darker lip color stored away. It seems to be all I need to pull together a look that makes me feel good about myself, but is also really quick and easy.⁣

My skin was feeling terrible lately, so I booked myself in for a facial with my aesthetician. It’s been about a year and a half since I’ve had one, and it was DIVINE. Even my husband noticed that I have a healthier glow now. I rely on her advice when choosing products, as I have zero ability to pick them out myself. She knows my skin so well! Thank you @lenamartell_ !!⁣

Does your skin have a favorite season? (Mine is definitely summer!) How do you switch up your beauty routines with the change in seasons? 💄⁣

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