Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Elevating your personal style is not just about discovering what you like, but also figuring out what looks good on you. Everyone is unique, and it’s worth exploring what cuts, colors and styles best suit your body and coloring. ⁣

Last fall I did something super fun that has definitely helped me shop with a more discerning eye. I had my colors done (virtually) by @uniquetoyoucolour . I wasn’t surprised to find out I am a true winter, as these are the colors I’m naturally drawn to anyway. My color swatches were helpful in planning this summer’s wardrobe. “True white” is the shade of white that best suits my complexion, so I’m trying to stay away from the creamier shades. I think it’s working for me! I’m using my swatches to stay on track with my blue/white/pop of red theme and also choose colors that complement my skin. I didn’t pull the black swatch – that’s just a given, and even in the summer, black still makes up a large portion of my wardrobe. ⁣

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