Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Chapter 2 of my book discusses a few ideas on how to explore and truly define your personal style. This was something I really struggled with on my own personal style journey. Copycat mode doesn’t cut it if you want to really connect with your true self. ⁣

This summer my surroundings are inspiring my wardrobe. I live by the ocean, so I think I am naturally drawn to the color blue. Just glancing around my house, it was pretty easy to spot evidence of my personal style in my d├ęcor – from my coffee table book, to my shell collection on display. So, this summer I’m going for an easy, breezy coastal feel with lots of white and blue (and a splash of red for fun). I’m looking to carry a vacation vibe with me, no matter what my day entails. ⁣

What vibe do you have going on this summer?⁣

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