Sunday, June 20, 2021

Chapter 7 discusses several savvy shopping strategies, including one of my favourite techniques for elevating my personal style. I’m a huge second-hand shopper!⁣

I think it is human nature to be drawn to “pretty things”, and I am no exception. Unfortunately, hefty price tags often accompany these pretty things. Finding them on the second-hand market (most often in brand new condition) allows me to elevate my personal style with unique and special items well below the retail price.⁣

Every item in this photo was purchased second-hand (or rather purchased brand new on the second-hand market). These gold shoes are probably my favourite pair of summer footwear and they are not something I would be able to buy in Canada. They are from the French brand @despetitshauts, and I found them on @videdressing in mint condition. They are special and unique and definitely elevate my outfits! The handbag is also by Des Petits Hauts, and the dress is by S├ęzane. I got my Ray-Ban sunglasses on eBay. It might take a big longer to find the specific items you want second hand, but I like to view it as treasure hunting. It’s worth the reward!⁣

Do you shop second hand? What’s the best treasure you ever found?⁣

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