Friday, May 28, 2021

I’m not the greatest at snapping these outfit photos (dogs were confused about what I was doing), but felt inspired to chat about the pants I have been wearing on repeat a lot lately. These photos don’t really do them justice! (It’s always that way with black objects.) If you want to see them close up, they are the “Felicity Pant” from @shopwonderland. I usually buy one piece from Allison each season. Her clothes are so stylish and designed for life. They are also made right here in Canada! 🇨🇦❤️🥰

My wardrobe plan includes a pair of black pants, no matter the season. These are perfect right now because they are so comfortable, yet allow me to feel pulled together around the house. We are currently still in full lockdown in Nova Scotia, and I’m using this opportunity to finish writing my latest book. That means I’m spending a ton of time at my computer desk, which makes the elastic waist on these pants really comfortable. I’m also walking the dogs a few times a day, and these look cute with my white Veja sneakers. Since the weather is getting a bit warmer (finally!), it’s nice to wear something a little cooler and more free-flowing than jeans. I’ve actually designated these as my airplane pants for the day when we actually get to travel again.

Is a pair of black pants a “no brainer” in your seasonal wardrobe too? Do you tend to wear jeans on your down days at home, or are you reaching for something different lately?

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