Wednesday, September 2, 2020


Once again, I’m continuing my series about elevating your life by connecting with your true self, as I discussed in chapter 20 of my book titled “Revisit Past Passions”. Connecting with people from the past is a wonderful way to unearth parts of yourself you may have forgotten. It can stir up emotions, thoughts and inspiration that you haven’t brought to the surface for a long time. 

In some cases, these people are no longer physically present in our lives. This doesn’t mean we can’t connect through memories. My grandmother passed away almost 20 years ago, and before that she suffered from Alzheimer’s for many years. I have been thinking about her a lot lately. Connecting with her is providing me with inspiration and is helping me write my upcoming book on personal style. I have been going through old photos and admiring her elegant appearance and the sparkle in her eye. She was a woman who always looked polished and well-dressed. She was also fun-loving, spirited and kind. I loved watching her try clothes on. This was back when you could bring clothes home “on approval”. I would sit on her bed with my mom while we watched her model outfits. I remember listening attentively to her comments and opinions, trying to soak it all in. Even back then, I knew she had great taste! I also remember sneaking into her bedroom and carefully opening her top dresser drawer to admire her jewelry, spritzing myself with the odd puff of her perfume while I was at it. I would love to have a chat with her today and interview her for my book! 

Have you called or texted an old friend lately? Have you thought of people from your past you admired? Has this brought you inspiration?

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