Tuesday, September 1, 2020


I’m continuing on today with my series about elevating your life by connecting with your true self, as I wrote about in chapter 20 of my book titled “Revisit Past Passions”.

Yesterday I talked about visiting physical places from your past. Today I am going to focus on something intangible; visiting dreams from the past. Did you ever dream of being an astronaut, or maybe a ballerina? Most of us probably didn’t end up following through on these career paths. This doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t reach back and pull some aspect of past dreams into the present. 

You can tell from this photo that I was pretty tickled to be sporting that tutu (and tin foil tiara). I never took ballet lessons, but I was always fascinated by this form of dance and the graceful nature of ballerinas. I recently added a sprinkle of ballet to my life and it has left me feeling so inspired and uplifted. Yes, I’m just doing Barre and ballet-inspired workouts off the tiny TV in my basement workout room (my family calls it my jail cell), but the experience each morning leaves me feeling amazing. I’m moving with more grace and fluidity, and I’m building muscles in places my traditional weight lifting never touched! I am feeling so confident, I may even try out adult ballet lessons in the future. Let’s be realistic, I’m never going to be a professional ballerina at this stage of the game, but it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy this art form and incorporate it into my daily life.🌟(If you are interested I’m currently doing @barreblendworkout with @elisejoanfitness ♥️

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