Thursday, August 6, 2020


I enjoyed writing my latest book so much that I am already working on my next title.  It’s going to focus on personal style, so I have been thinking about this topic a lot lately.  Yesterday I had to take my 13 year old to the mall to buy some back to school shoes.  I wanted to avoid this situation, but he has been walking around in bare feet and flip flops for months.  I had no idea what size he was.  Turned out he’s gone from a 6 to a 9! I decided going in that my only criteria (other than a budget) was that he could wear them comfortably for Phys. Ed. class.  I know my son pretty well, so it was no surprise when he picked out the sparkling white shoes embellished in a rainbow of neon colors.  I resisted the temptation to steer him towards the more versatile and maintainable black pair.  Because I have been exploring the topic of researching and tapping into personal style, I knew I had to let him go with the pair that spoke to him.  It was pretty clear that the colorful pair did in fact match his style and personality.  It’s evident in so many areas of his life, but particularly his art work.  He creates the most amazing cartoon art and I always admire his use of color.  Despite a slight sadistic undertone, his art makes me smile.  Obviously, he is a lover or color and flash.  My husband was shocked when we walked in the door, but I’m  happy with his choice.  What’s your take on allowing our kids to experiment with style?  I think that since they are growing, it’s a great time to play around.  I’m  hoping these at least fit him for three months!!!  

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