Monday, July 20, 2020

Most of us are sticking close to home this summer for obvious reasons. If you could Star Trek beam yourself to an exotic location right now, where would it be? You would find me in the Provence region of the South of France! Chapter 3 of my book encourages you to “Create Your Life’s Movie Soundtrack”. Music has the ability to elevate your mood and transport you to a different time and place. I’m currently listening to the soundtrack for the documentary “Van Gogh – Of Wheat Fields and Clouded Skies”. I imagine myself sitting in a quaint Provençal cafĂ©, sipping my sparkling water and typing away on my latest book for the afternoon. Instead I am sitting at my computer desk with headphones on while my nacho-eating kids are watching YouTube loudly on the couch next to me. On this morning’s run I plugged into my “Ode to Bon Jovi” playlist. (Yes, I had a love affair with Jon Bon Jovi in junior high.) If you were a rocker chick who was “Wanted Dead or Alive” wouldn’t you run a little faster? I know it all sounds kind of frivolous and silly, but it is fun to tap into different moods with music. What’s on your playlist today? I just publicly admitted to listening to “Livin’ on a Prayer", so please don't be shy to share!

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