Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Do you wear nail polish? I like the look of a polished nail, but I’m also a fan of clean, bare and buffed nails. When I do wear polish on my fingernails, I always use a light, neutral shade. I think it has an understated, elegant effect. Chips show up a lot more with darker colors, so a nude polish seems to last a bit longer. I always opt for red on my toes (changing the shade with the season). I guess this is as daring as I get. Polish lasts so much longer on our feet, so it’s easier to go with a darker shade. I recently treated myself to a bottle of Chanel’s Le Vernis. I was previously using the bubble bath shade from OPI. The Chanel polish is a lot more expensive, but so far it has been worth the price. I can’t believe how long the polish is lasting. I’ve got my hands in and out of dishwater all day long. It’s been five days and there is a not a chip in sight. Anyone else have highly durable brands to share?

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