Thursday, August 25, 2022

Yesterday my husband and I met with a lawyer to have our wills updated. It’s been on our to-do list for a long time. Although dealing with legal and financial “stuff” can bring up yucky feelings, it really does FEEL GOOD to get these sorts of things sorted out in life.

This is something I address in my new book, “Elevate Your Money Mindset”, which will be out in less than two weeks. Money is a topic that brings up a lot of anxiety for people. The problem is that the more you ignore your personal finances, the worse you tend to feel. Grabbing hold of your own financial reins is empowering and can feel liberating. My hope is that my new book will encourage you to do just that!

The fall is a great time to tackle your financial to-do list because it feels like a fresh start, and time to get down to business. I’ve been busy tidying up all my paper files and clearing out my filing cabinet. Again, it feels so good to get these less glamorous areas of my home in order.

What’s on your fall financial to-do list? 

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