Sunday, June 19, 2022


Today I’m continuing along with a sneak peek into my book, “Seashells in my Pocket”.


I believe that scientifically speaking, white represents a combination of all colors of the spectrum. Regardless of what the physicists say, I view it as a color all its own. White gives off a clean, easy vibe that is reminiscent of a cool sea breeze.

I just dug this shirt dress out of storage, washed it and hung it on the line. I’m excited to wear it again, now that the warmer temperatures have finally arrived. My son (the one who always hands out unsolicited fashion advice) hates it. He thinks I’m walking around with half my outfit missing—just a shirt with no pants. Regardless, I love it and it definitely helps me live the beach inspired life of my dreams.

Do you wear a lot of white clothes? I know they are hard to keep clean, but the crisp cool look is worth the effort.

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