Wednesday, August 18, 2021


I’m really excited to announce the release of my new book, “Elevate Your Life at Home: Inspiring Ideas to Add Joy, Peace and Magic to Homelife". It is currently available in eBook format on Amazon (link in profile). The paperback will be out shortly. ⁣

As fall approaches, many of us will soon be returning to our regular routines. This usually coincides with busier schedules and lives. During hectic times, creating a peaceful and pleasant homelife becomes even more important. We all need an inviting space to retreat to at the end of each day to unwind, reset and replenish our souls. Our homes offer this safe and comforting refuge from the stressors and busyness of the outside world.⁣

Whether you are a homebody or not, this book will inspire you to view your homelife through a fresh lens. Elevating your life at home is not just about beautifying your surroundings. It’s also about how you and your loved ones live in and interact with the spaces of your home. My book offers inspirational and practical ideas to make life within the walls of your home as enjoyable as possible. Topics discussed include creative decorating ideas, organization and decluttering tips, flexible space solutions and most importantly, advice on how to develop an attitude of positivity and gratitude about your living space.⁣

Elevate Your Life at Home will get your creative juices flowing. You will be inspired, motivated and empowered to take action and create a life at home that includes more joy, peace and magic! ⁣

To give you a flavour of the book, this is a list of the chapters: ⁣
1. Sprinkle Your Home With Fairy Dust⁣
2. Choose Beauty⁣
3. Adopt a Vacation State of Mind⁣
4. Set Yourself up for Success⁣
5. Elevate Your Style at Home⁣
6. Invite Mother Nature in for a Visit⁣
7. Exercise Your Flexibility⁣
8. Clamp Down on Clutter With a Gentle Hand⁣
9. Tackle Household Problems Like a Superhero⁣
10. Combat Cabin Fever⁣
11. Love Your Perfectly Imperfect Home⁣
12. 100 Seasonal Ideas to Elevate Life at Home ⁣

Thank you so much to my readers! As a self-published author I appreciate your support!

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