Sunday, August 15, 2021

Although I’ve been planning my fall wardrobe on paper, I’m still really enjoying my summer clothing. I’m savoring this warm weather as much as possible. I thought it would be fun to give you a little peak into my closet. Am I the only one who loves closet tours?

A few things I will point out….I have a lot of sweaters! If you read any of my books. I talk a lot about being cold all the time. Summer is no exception. I use cardigans and pull overs to layer up quite often. I’ve also admitted to having a shoe obsession. This is something my eldest son often questions when he walks in my closet…..”How can you own so many shoes!?” (He currently has two pair). I love footwear and I love storing them in their original boxes. I just sorted through these boxes yesterday and have a few sitting on the fence at the moment. They give me blisters, so I’m not sure why I’m hanging on to them, other than the fact they are super cute. I’ve got a pair in a shoe stretcher at the moment for a last-ditch effort to keep them!

My closet is not perfect or “Pinterest worthy”, but it’s organized enough and makes me happy!

How are you feeling about your closet these days?

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