Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Don’t you love the feeling of being in an inspired state? These are the times in life when you are bursting with enthusiasm, energy and motivation. Whenever I find myself on a “high” like this, I try to take advantage of it and go with the flow – to capture the moment and ride my own wave of enthusiasm! ⁣

Often, we find ourselves inspired, but the feeling fizzles before we get a chance to take action. This is a reminder to act today towards your health goals. You don’t have to have the perfect home gym set up, every healthy ingredient on the list, or a sparkly new pair of running shoes to get moving on your goals. ⁣

I’m incorporating this approach into my writing at the moment. I’m so excited about my new book, I feel the need to capitalize on the enthusiasm. I’m stealing any spare moment, in increments as small as 15 minutes, to get my thoughts down on paper (or rather the computer screen). ⁣

What has you buzzing with excitement today?

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