Monday, June 14, 2021

Here is a little excerpt cut straight from chapter 1… “If your life were a movie, you would be the leading lady! In fact, you are the leading lady of your life, the heroine, the star of the show. Adopting this point of view can have a huge impact on elevating your mindset and the approach you take to daily life. If you could write the script, how would the main character act, behave, think, dress and carry herself? I’ll let you in on a secret. You are writing the script! In fact, that’s your job in life.” In this photo, my movie star self is basking in the French Provencal sunshine while sipping tea and people watching. Later on that day she meandered the cobblestone streets of a medieval village, tucking into shops and boutiques at her leisure. She was mostly just browsing, but she did pick up a particularly beautiful silk scarf to take home and remind her of this dreamy vacation. What is the movie star version of yourself doing in this very moment? TODAY my movie star self is spending the day at home. Her lineup includes grocery shopping, helping her son prep for his final Math exam and tackling some household cleaning. It doesn’t sound glamorous, but it doesn’t mean I can’t tap into the movie-start mindset. I can still take the time to add a few special touches to my appearance. Today I’ve pulled out that silk scarf I bought in France several years ago. I may be heading to the giant Superstore, but I can pretend I’m off to the patisserie instead (and dress for the occasion!) What is your movie-star-self up to today and how is she dressing for the part?

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