Sunday, June 20, 2021

Do you shop with a plan, or do you buy things on a whim? I have found that the more time I take to plan ahead, the less buyer’s remorse I experience! I also feel like creating a “master plan” has allowed me to curate a wardrobe that feels cohesive and consistent with my personal style.⁣

I try to plan most purchases these days (although that’s not to say I’m 100% on track with this all the time). I usually have a little wish list that I record in a style journal, as well as an app called WishList on my phone (which also serves as a budgeting tool). My wish list is certainly not set in stone, but it gives me a solid guide. Sometimes I tick things off the list, other times I end up realizing I no longer want them!⁣

This summer I decided to experiment with the wide leg pant trend. I’m pretty short at 5’3”, so this can be a tricky look to pull off. Navy and/or black pants were included on my wish list. I also decided to add a polished, beachy vibe to my wardrobe with casual pearls.⁣

Are you a planner like me? What’s on your wish list?⁣

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