Sunday, December 13, 2020

In my book “Elevate Your Personal Style” I included a chapter called “Merchandise Your Products”. I have found that setting up my closet to attractively display my clothes and accessories encourages me to put a bit more effort into my look each day….which just adds more joy and fun to my life. This is a photo of a current display shelf in my closet. It reminds me that I want to add a touch of cranberry/burgundy red these days to give a festive feel to my mostly black outfits. It also reminds me to wear my watch daily, not out of necessity, but just because I like the way it looks. Also, how cute is this fashion art print from @akrdesignstudio? Would you still be tempted to reach for those tired old cotton undies with this in your face each morning?

Why not merchandise your own products as if you were running a chic little boutique? This concept also encourages the “shop your closet” mindset as it reminds you of all the pretty things you already own! As I mention in Chapter 8 of my book, if you are looking for guidance on shopping your closet, my two favorite sources for inspiration are @audreyacoyne and @msbeltempo. I also love @simplementstylee. She often shows how she styles Pinterest perfect outfits from what she has on hand in her closet. She also happens to have one of the most “boutique looking” closets I’ve seen!! Love it! ❤️❤️❤️


  1. Jennifer, I love this idea and have been doing this with my own closet! I like to move accessories around. If I don't I forget I own them and I don't use them. Great post and pretty blog.

  2. Thanks for the kind words! It's such a great way to appreciate what you already own!