Friday, October 30, 2020

As we head into Halloween weekend, I’m looking forward to some fun for the kids. They are growing up and I think this is probably the very last year for trick-or-treating. I want them to just enjoy the spirit of the holiday. πŸŽƒThis is Coco’s first Halloween, so the focus is actually on his costume. I voted caterpillar but “killer doll” won as the costume of choice in my house full of boys. He makes a cute “killer doll”! 😈

I haven’t bought treats yet, and I won’t pick them up until the last minute tomorrow. I have learned my lesson. If they are lingering around the house ahead of the big event, they get gobbled up. Last minute shopping is a technique I use to keep my health goals on track and keep temptation out of the house. I also buy treats I personally don’t even like! This way, I’m not tempted to indulge. I will likely pick out a tootsie roll or two from my sons’ bags, and that will be it. 🍬 

If you read “Elevate The Everyday”, you will know that I discuss anti-nibbling techniques I have used specifically around Halloween. I tell the story of the “Green Pumpkin” in Chapter 6. If you have young children, I encourage you to check it out. This fun little family tradition served me well for a good number of years when my kids were ages 3-10. It definitely limited some of the candy binge and likely saved a few teeth in the process.

Have a wonderful, spooky weekend! Stay safe. πŸŽƒ πŸ‘» 

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