Friday, September 4, 2020

I tend to gravitate to a minimal aesthetic when it comes to dressing. In general, I avoid both bright colors and bold patterns, which coincides perfectly with my introverted personality! Every now and then I like to add a special touch, and I usually achieve this through the use of accessories.


Today was “Bon Jovi Day” again on my morning run, so I was in the mood to add a teeny, tiny droplet of rocker vibe to my outfit.  “Rocker Chick” is definitely not my style, but there is a tiny piece of me still hanging on to those youthful days of junior high. (I was never a hardcore rocker. Bon Jovi was as extreme as things got. When my husband pulls out Metallica and starts singing along, I usually have to leave the room).


I have a few small pieces I reach for when I’m in this mood.  Can you see the itty-bitty skulls on this belt?  They are so subtle, I’m really the only one who knows they are there.  It’s the perfect small touch for me.  I also love these shoes I picked up at a local consignment store.  They add a bit of edge to my outfit, which is just a white t-shirt and black jeans today.  Do you have a side of you that you like to express in miniscule amounts? 


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