Thursday, August 27, 2020

Pulling out your fall clothes in August doesn’t mean you are wishing the last precious days of summer away. I am still savouring the warm(ish) temperatures and sunshine. Today I’m wearing shorts, a t-shirt and sandals! I’m always planning a season ahead because I enjoy the process of carefully curating a selection of clothing that really matches my personal style. Over the years (and after many mistakes) I have learned that I need time to let things simmer before pulling the trigger on a purchase. I like going into each season with a well-planned wish list, instead of giving in to unplanned and impulse purchases. I’m also trying to stick to a budget and keep my closet from getting too cluttered. Planning helps so much! I do a lot of off-season shopping on the second-hand market. You can usually get a much better deal on a winter coat during the hot days of July. I also like taking my time getting my clothes ready for wear. Yesterday I pulled out my wool coats and took them to the dry cleaners. I tightened a few loose buttons. Over the next week or so I will iron or steam the fall pieces I have hanging up. Many of my summer clothes are still hanging up and I will be wearing them until things really cool off. I love this transitional time, and love the anticipation of the fall pleasures to come. It is a way I inspire myself to embrace cooler temperatures with some enthusiasm (I’m always cold so this is a challenge). Is anyone else in the process of transitioning their closets? I’d love to hear your approach. 🍁🍂👖👢 

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