Wednesday, August 19, 2020

I got such a sweet comment the other day from one of my readers. She told me that after reading the first couple of chapters she dusted off her suction cup bird feeder and installed it outside her work-from-home window. It made my day to hear that this quick little idea brightened someone’s day. I hope some cute little feathered friends find her soon! 🐦❤️ There is nothing earth shattering in my book! I wrote it to inspire and remind people of little things we can all do to “Elevate the Everyday” (myself included). Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of the simple pleasures in life, or have a suggestion worded in such a way you feel inspired. I love hearing that everyone is cleaning their cars!!! Chapter 1 has a lot of people inspired to elevate their rides! 🚗🧽✅


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