Monday, July 13, 2020

The first chapter of my book is titled “Elevate Your Ride”. You can actually read it for free on Amazon’s “Look Inside” function. I did not write the chapters in any particular order as the book is designed for the reader to pick and choose areas of interest. I was inspired to write this particular essay because I had just done a quick spring clean-up of the interior of my vehicle. I was feeling particularly uplifted by the fresh, calm feeling that was left behind. Now that the lockdown measures are lifting, I am officially back on my summer “road trip to nowhere”. Although my boys’ schedules are less hectic than usual, I am still spending tons of time behind the wheel as I ferry them from point A to B. I just read the chapter again myself to give myself a boost! It inspires me to view my car interior as an extension of my home environment. Just as a pleasant and orderly home leaves me feeling peaceful and relaxed, so does a tidy and uncluttered vehicle. Have you checked in on the state of your vehicle lately? Could it use a little pick me up? It is amazing how a tidy car can you leave you feeling calmer and more confident behind the wheel. Tell me your vehicle horror stories! I have plenty of my own. Someone I know once had a squirrel in her car eating the leftovers on the floor. It probably can’t get much worse than that!

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