Saturday, July 11, 2020

One of the most enjoyable parts of self-publishing my book was choosing artwork for the cover. I scoured stock photos on Shutterstock for something that spoke to me and reflected the feelings I wanted to convey to my readers. I came across this sweet little pair of shoes by Elka Silenkova ( @flourishellis ). The image was simple, sweet, beautiful and whimsical. I knew immediately I had found “the one” for the cover. I felt like slipping on this little pair of shoes in real life would certainly elevate my day with each and every step! She and I seem to share a love for the beauty in simple, everyday objects. In particular, I love her food and flower paintings.

I was looking for a few other smaller images to complement the shoes, so I contacted Elka directly on Instagram. She was so kind and helpful! She sorted through her images for me and came up with a few options for the additional images. If you end up purchasing a paperback copy, I have included one of her gorgeous illustrations of a rose on the back cover. What felt so amazing to me is the fact that we don’t speak each other’s language! Technology is so amazing when it comes to communicating and connecting with people on the other side of the world!

If you have any interesting projects that require images, please have a look at Elka’s work. I am dreaming up all sorts of ideas for personalized stationery and Christmas cards! Thank you Elka for adding beauty to the world with your work.

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