Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Inspired by the book 30 Chic Days at Home by @fionaferrisnz Day 20 – Be a bright spark. My husband shot this video of mama duck and her babies waddling down our road. I hope it sparks some brightness in your day like it did for me. As Fiona suggests, with so much darkness in the world right now, why not be a bright spark? Like most others, our family has been bunkered down together since March 11. (I noticed the other day that we are all starting to really sound like each other, using the same words and expressions constantly!) We can wear on each other’s nerves and I have noticed that I ‘ve been doing too much nagging and complaining lately. Today I’m going to try to take Fiona’s advice to heart and put my efforts into being a bright spark within our own family unit. I will refrain from starting the day lamenting that last night’s snack dishes are still parked up by the TV and none of the dirty laundry made it to the basket. Instead I’m going to offer everyone a nice healthy smoothie and a hug first thing…..then I might bring up the dishes (;

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