Saturday, June 20, 2020

Fresh flowers definitely brighten and elevate the mood in a room, don’t they? My writing desk was in need of a little boost of green, so I decided to think outside the box and came up with this simple, yet pretty arrangement. I gathered the ferns from the wooded area outside the house, and the white blooms are actually rhubarb! I just happened to notice the rhubarb had flowered, but this was the first time I actually admired the beauty of its blooms. I think the understated combination of white and green is very chic. To think this quick arrangement was free is all the more appealing. I definitely treat myself to store bought flowers now and then and I also maintain some blooms for cutting in my garden, but there is something nostalgic about messy bouquets of wildflowers that I love the most. What are your favorite wildflowers to bring indoors and brighten a room?

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