Sunday, May 17, 2020

nspired by the book 30 Chic Days at Home by @fionaferrisnz Day 3 – Scent the Air with Music. Like Fiona, I’m a fan of playing relaxing background music around the house to create a sense of calm. A thank you to Fiona for sharing her “Dior Playlist” on Spotify! With everyone home these days, our house is anything but an oasis of calm. I have two teen boys. One of them has been going non-stop in the basement with a variety or woodworking projects, which included building a skateboarding half-pipe down there. The current soundtrack of my life is skateboard wheels on plywood (loud!!!), saws, drills and my husband’s booming voice on conference calls. I am using music to actually drown out the background noise and maintain a sense of sanity. I’m wearing my air pods a lot to accomplish this, zoning out in my own imaginary world. I’m a big fan of movie soundtracks! They take me back to those dreamy films I adore so much. My two favorite chic-inspired soundtracks that I have on repeat are Amelie and A Good Year. A Good Year with Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard is really my favorite movie, set in Provence. Last year I was able to visit a number of spots from the film – dreamy! The soundtrack transports me back to the stone walls, enchanted forests and golden light. So much better than the sound of the drill press screeching up the stairs (though I do love his initiative!) In my mind I walk the cobblestone streets of Provence each day!

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