Sunday, May 31, 2020

Inspired by the book 30 Chic Days at Home by @fionaferrisnz Day 17– Set your goals. I chose this next photo because it was cute and I snapped it on Thursday while visiting my parents. On further thought, maybe the dandelion is trying to tell me something. This dandelion wasn’t satisfied growing on the grass with his friends, he set his sights higher, and took root on a tree! I am a goal-oriented person. I love setting up challenges for myself and am very motivated by this approach I decided to take on this little 30 day challenge centered around Fiona’s book for fun, but also to help me focus on all the good in my life. It is also serving as a way to reconnect with a bit of writing. Back when my children were small, I maintained a blog called Among the Alders (it’s still up on the net if you search it). It focused a lot on all the crafts and nature projects I was doing at the time, as well as my interest in a Montessori-inspired home life. I really enjoyed the blog at the time, but life evolved, the children grew up and my interests shifted. It’s been fun to delve into a few different topics on this platform and reconnect with expressing myself.

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