Sunday, May 24, 2020

Inspired by the book 30 Chic Days at Home by @fionaferrisnz Day 10 – Create something. Fiona’s advice is to, “Find something that makes your heart lift with excitement and do that.” My creative efforts and projects these days are small yet satisfying. I picked up some plants at the garden center last week and I have been potting and arranging them on our front doorstep. I bought a fair amount of lavender and am hoping it can survive this humid coastal climate. The award for “household creator” definitely goes to my 15-year-old son. He has been in his glory since the lockdown began and has been working non-stop on countless projects. He makes the most beautiful wooden fingerboards (mini wooden skateboards) and set up an Etsy shop. Who knew such a thing existed? Grown men actually play with these things! I think they are such sweet little works of art. 💕🛹 

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